We invite you to embark on a journey tracing your family’s history. The Thayer Families Association was founded in 1991 and is the result of many dedicated Thayers as well as non-Thayers. Publication of a definitive, comprehensive Thayer genealogy was a stated goal of the TFA founders so that anyone could learn about their ancestry and the history of this truly remarkable surname. This enormous project is well underway with the publication of Volume VI – Descendants of Thomas Thayer, Immigrant to America 1637, Through his Son Ferdinando2 and His Grandsons Samuel3 & Josiah3 (Ferdinando2). Everyone in the Thayer Families Association welcomes you to the wonderful opportunity to meet your cousins! There is an enormous amount of information here and available through the TFA. Please browse through our site and feel free to contact us if you would like any further information. NOTE: When e-mailing, please mention you saw our site, thanks.PENTAX Image
The Speedwell was a 60-ton pinnace that, along with Mayflower, transported the Pilgrims and was the smaller of the two ships. It carried Thomas Thayer’s goods from England to Boston in 1637. Thomas THAYER, son of Richard THAYER, was christened 16 August 1596 at Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and died 2 June 1665 in Braintree, Massachusetts.
Click this link to view Harold Huycke’s 1957 motion picture film of C.A. Thayer in 6 parts. There’s over 3 hours of video! Description: Harold Huycke motion picture film of C.A. Thayer (built 1895; schooner, 3m) restoration. Reel 1: Hood Canal to Maritime Shipyard, Tugboat Titan and schooner C.A. Thayer. Reel 2: New stern, stepping masts, painting

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  1. My name is William Thayer born in 1958 in Kirkland Washington

    My father was Lloyd E. Thayer born around 1932 and he had several brothers and sisters all born in Washington State and all died fairly young from heart problems that ran in the family.

    I remember his Mom who died in the early 1970’s and never saw his father since he also died young from heart problems but that is as far back as I know.

    Lloyd was in the Navy in his younger days.

    • Hello William, I am Patricia Thayer Muno, Family Historian for the Thayer Families Association and the author of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. I have your Thayer family in my files. Here is your lineage to your immigrant ancestor, Richard Thayer, who was born 1601 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and died 1664 in Barbados. He immigrated to America in 1641 and later became a merchant and was shipping Sugar, Cotton and Rum to the Colonies. He was buried in St. Michael, Barbados in the West Indies. Here is your lineage to him:

      William 12 (LLoyd Earl 11, Cecil Earl 10, George Albert 9, William 8, William Howe 7, Samuel 6, Jaazaniah 5, Daniel 4, Nathaniel 3, Richard 2-1) THAYER.

      This means you are the 12th American Generation Thayer in your family. Your 3rd great grandfather, William Thayer William (1839-1913) was a soldier in the Civil War from Michigan. His grandfather, Samuel Thayer (1762-1830) was A Revolutionary War Soldier.

      Your lineage includes an additional three generations back in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England. Your line of Thayers appears in Volume IV of my Comprehensive genealogy, which is currently out of print. Please E-mail me at I am also on Facebook as Patricia Thayer Muno. Thanks for your interest and for getting in touch. Your “somehow cousin,” Patricia

  2. The Mayflower Society has approved generations 1-6 of my application, but I am having difficulty tracking down information on David Goodell and Electa Milliman – my 4x great grands and the bridge to the family I heard about first hand from my great grandmother. I did a random Google search…and was referred to the Thayer page where Google mentioned David and Electa as an aunt and uncle but I could not find anything. Can anyone help? Much appreciated

    • Hello Glenda, I am TFA’s Historian and Genealogist. I have no information on your Goodell and Millman ancestors. I do have one Tamor Ann Milliman (1799-1830) in my files, but I fail to see how that would benefit your search. I wish you luck in the final stages of your search for your connection. Best wishes, Patricia

  3. Hello my name is Douglas Allen Thayer, I’m 45 years old and live in Joliet, IL. I recently discovered the Thayer family association. Growing up in Joliet there were few Thayers, all related. I do remember looking at an old family tree, that someone had done, shortly after I was born. I can get a copy of it, if you would be interested in looking at it? Perhaps you could verify its authenticity? I remember seeing the name Sylvanus Thayer in it. Thank you for your time.

    • Hello Douglas, I am Patricia Thayer Muno, Family Historian for the Thayer Families Association and the Author of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. If you can share with me the name of your grandfather Thayer, his approximate year and state of birth or residence, I can likely help you with your lineage back to 1500 in England. Please send me an Email message to and put “THAYER” in the subject heading. Looking forward to learning more about you and your Thayer family. Patricia

    • Douglas, My name is Lorie Johnson I grew up in Joliet, now live in Minooka. My grandmother was Irene Thayer Zweig,My sister Sue and I went to New York and Braintree,Mass. this past June looking for are great great grandparents graves and we found them. Walcolt and Thedotia Deuel Thayer and their son Charles.They are in Thayers Corners,New York. We have much more information. If you would like to speak with my sister and I my email is, Hope to hear from you.

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