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  1. I have been looking at the current roster of database programs, and their evolution over the last @20 years, many full of faults, ergo ver 1 and a 2 and a 3 etc.. Gedcom is sort of a defacto, but there are definitely
    forensic like interpretations and sorting that these programs were never designed to analyze so we must move on; and rapidly. It is such a time killer, Patricia is but one of millions spending countless hours
    rehashing and rescanning (visually) without record trace and years upon years of time wasted. If I have a scatter plot of everyone of my 1200 Family Finder matches and could resort them all to each other and
    cosort their particular surname lists- ooh ooh wow. If everyone would use the double state CACA(Not a joke) NYNY, OHOH, AKAK etc.. style we could search for states lists but most queries want at least 3+ letters and at that point you mix names with states, trust me Virginia can be a first name. But no females are VAVA unless you add voom. Some use MD for Maryland, darn doctors; which can’t be searched for. If a Genealogy Program could search via query and sort like a spread sheet or robust relational DB. PAF would have totally extinct by now and been the DODO bird (DODO is not a state yet!) but alas, the build it and they will come programmer has not heard the call. The current roster of Genealogy programs -is Gramps better than all other programs- in many ways yes. Free & VERSATILE but daily inputs and fixes to make it evolve ~~~recent cycle sample Archive for the ‘Gramps Releases’ Category
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    Asking the few ‘experts’ they say to ask ISOOG for the Program Solution, since they are scientific and deal with the genome sequence (much longer and bigger than 65,000 names)- while we hunters are still hoarding data like the Smithsonian and locking it away for someone else to unravel after we die. In the interest of ‘myself’ and the world- I want to fill out my first 6 generations before I die- A task that still has not been possible for >40 years and some only to 3 levels. I say the dam is getting too full of using outmoded programs (QWERTY anyone). And we should realize that 6000 choices on a defined search on Ancestry is a Joke. And lastly our TV commercials are still way too loud, but we still hit the vol control don’t we. Thanks for your patience. I will do further sleuthing re Gramps- I did say free. No I am independent as they come. I am a cinema doc inspired person; truth, facts, and results are required.