We invite you to embark on a journey tracing your family’s history. The Thayer Families Association was founded in 1991 and is the result of many dedicated Thayers as well as non-Thayers. Publication of a definitive, comprehensive Thayer genealogy was a stated goal of the TFA founders so that anyone could learn about their ancestry and the history of this truly remarkable surname. This enormous project is well underway with the publication of Volume VI – Descendants of Thomas Thayer, Immigrant to America 1637, Through his Son Ferdinando2 and His Grandsons Samuel3 & Josiah3 (Ferdinando2). Everyone in the Thayer Families Association welcomes you to the wonderful opportunity to meet your cousins! There is an enormous amount of information here and available through the TFA. Please browse through our site and feel free to contact us if you would like any further information. NOTE: When e-mailing, please mention you saw our site, thanks.
The Speedwell was a 60-ton pinnace that, along with Mayflower, transported the Pilgrims and was the smaller of the two ships. It carried Thomas Thayer’s goods from England to Boston in 1637. Thomas THAYER, son of Richard THAYER, was christened 16 August 1596 at Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and died 2 June 1665 in Braintree, Massachusetts.
Click this link to view Harold Huycke’s 1957 motion picture film of C.A. Thayer in 6 parts. There’s over 3 hours of video! Description: Harold Huycke motion picture film of C.A. Thayer (built 1895; schooner, 3m) restoration. Reel 1: Hood Canal to Maritime Shipyard, Tugboat Titan and schooner C.A. Thayer. Reel 2: New stern, stepping masts, painting ship’s name, and Maritime Shipyard to Winslow. Reel 3: Winslow rigging to sea, sternwork, sailing return voyage to San Francisco. Reel 4: Deckhands at work and on rigging, sailing, lowering sails, arriving in San Francisco. Reel 5: Arrival in San Francisco assisted by tugboat “W 150”, visitors aboard and Harold Huycke. Reel 6: Drawbridge, Maritime Shipyard, deckhands at work
Click here for Captain Ottoman Friz’s 1958 motion picture film of C.A. Thayer
Here is an update from October 2015 on the current status of C.A. Thayer

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  1. I am looking for a book on Thayer generations. I had one that dated back to the 1600’s. I have miss placed it. My history was as follows, father James a. , grandfather Paul e., great grandfather will . Thank you, Joseph d. Thayer. I think all were either born in indiana or michigan and settled in niles, mi.

    • Hello Joseph Daniel Thayer. I am Thayer Family Historian, Patricia Thayer Muno. Please contact me directly at TriciaMuno@aol.com I have your lineage as follows: Joseph Daniel 11 (James Allen 10, Paul E. 9, Charles Marble 8, Levi Washington 7, Harveland 6, Levi 5, Mephibosheth 4, Jonathan 3, Nathaniel 2, William 1) THAYER. You may note that there is an additional ancestor listed here ( William) as it has recently been discovered that Nathaniel’s father, William, also immigrated to America. (The numbers after the names indicate generation of descent from the first immigrant to the present – You!) I still have some of Volume II of my Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America left. The book you are missing is 9×11 inches and burgundy in color. Patricia

  2. In 2013, I visited with cousins in San Diego who have been involved in the genealogy of our family for several years. My cousin from Rhode Island shipped Volume 5 of the Thayer Family Genealogy. It was my first foray into my father’s family and I was very disappointed to find the information contained on my mother to be grossly in error. I am the only child of my parents and am the last of my father, so I wonder who would have provided the erroneous information for publication. Neither of my cousins were able to tell me anything, and they are the only Thayer cousins I am aware of with any interest in our genealogy. I was quite surprised to find that I have the greatest store of photos and family lore about my father, his two older brothers and sister. All of them have passed and we were never a close family, so I am surprised that anyone would have had information regarding my mother. I would appreciate any information about how information is obtained and what type of verification process occurs prior to publication.

    • To fine your ancestors, , you must start with yourself, and work backwards. You will need to search the census, t find out where they lived. Your start can be done for free using familysearch.org. This will give your the census and then you can go from there to where your families were. on the web you can use, city, county, state sites.
      Good Luck.

      • Hello again Cinde, If you have early Thayer-related photos you would like to share for possibly future publication, I would be happy add any of these to the database. You would be credited as the submitter.
        Would you be interested in writing and sharing your Father’s story in an article in the newsletter? Sincere best wishes, Patricia

    • Hello Cinde, I am Patricia Thayer Muno Thayer, Thayer Family Historian and the Author of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. I am sorry to learn of your disappointment. The information which I have on your mother, as appears in Volume V of this series, was sent to me by a correspondent back in February of 2001, and she has since passed away. The information presented there has come directly from her obituary. I am assuming that if there is an error in her information, it can be traced back to the original obituary. If you can tell me of the error/errors I would be most grateful and will make corrections in my database. I would also make notice of such in my quarterly report of of our Thayer Families Association newsletter, the “Thayer Quarterly.” You may contact me directly at TriciaMuno@aol.com.

  3. Patrick Thayer here. Just started researching and have so far just worked on a straight line. Patrick (me), Dennis, Jack, Gurdin, Lorenzo, Merritt, Stephen III, Stephen Jr, Stephen, Samuel, Thomas, Ferdinando, Thomas (of the Speedwell). Can’t wait to do some more digging and flesh out our tree. Thanks.

    • Hello cousin Patrick Noel Thayer! I am Patricia Thayer Muno, Family Historian for the Thayer Families Association and the author of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. Your Family appears in Volume V of this of series. If interested, please contact me directly at TriciaMuno@aol.com. Sincerely, Patricia

  4. Hi,
    I am looking for my family connection to Gen Thayer, My GG parents families-Chase and /or Samson are
    related, somehow, In fact, General John Chase was head of the Colo Militia, hopefully someone will be able to help, I am putting together the family tree.

    thanks you Michael M. Mitchell, 9702151314 cell

  5. Is there a relationship for Sylvanus Thayer (“Father of the US Military Academy”) , Braintree, MA and the Thayer family of Lancaster MA?

  6. Hello, I am a Thayer descendant as well. In the book “Memorial of the Thayer name : from the Massachusetts colony of Weymouth and Braintree, embracing geneological [!] and biographical sketches of Richard & Thomas Thayer, and their descendants from 1636 to 1874 by Thayer, Bezaleel, b. 1795” Amelia O. Thayer married Henry H. Hammond, they are my great great Grandparents. The book says they had a child Elmer, B. May 25th, 1871, D Sept. 27th, 1872. The book stops in 1874. Their next child was Oscar Erastus Hammond and not in the book. He was born June 26th, 1873. Wondering if you have covered the Thayers of Wisconsin from Door County yet. Thank you so much for your work. 🙂

    • Hello Robin, I am Patricia Thayer Muno, Family Historian for the Thayer Families Association and the author of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. Your Family will appear in Volume VII of this of series, which will be published and be available later this year. Amelia O. THAYER, born 16 Sep 1855 (of) Clay Banks, Door, WI. She married (1) John Henry HAMMOND 13 Aug 1869 in Door County, WI. He was born 1844 in Cayuga County, NY, the son of Sydney HAMMOND and Mary Anna COOK. Amelia married (2) James Zachariah WOODS 8 Nov 1875 in Clay Banks, Door, WI. He was born 11 Mar 1846 in St Ignace du Coteau du Lac, Quebec, Canada, the son of James WOODS (1813-1893) and Zoe LUC. James died 8 Feb 1927 in Greenbush, Sheboygan, WI, at the age of 80. Amelia died 13 May 1891, at the age of 35. She was the mother of Elmer H. (25 May 1871-27 Sep 1872); and ii. Oscar Erastus (26 Jun 1873) HAMMOND. TriciaMuno@aol.com

  7. This is a wonderful site. I haven’t researched my lineage much but my children Nicholas and Sydney Thayer are very interested. I am the son of James Thayer his parents were Helen and Delos Thayer

    • Hello Richard James Thayer! I am Patricia Thayer Muno, Family Historian for the Thayer Families Association and the author of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. Your Thayer Family will appear in Volume IX of this series. I am currently working on Volume VII. I have the marriage and 2 children of your brother, but not for you! If you would like to submit your family info, please send to TriciaMuno@aol.com. I can share with you your children’s incredible lineage if you contact me directly. Thanks for the interest! Cousin, Patricia

  8. I have an old framed black and white photo of Thayer House Hopkinton, Mass., Victorian era, with a large group of people gathered in front. Frame is 20.5 X 27.75 inches. It is from the Stearns family estate in South Framingham which connected to an Arba Thayer of Hopkinton. I’m into genealogy myself so would love for it to find a home with someone connected to the family. I would offer it free but can’t ship it, so someone would have to pick up in Westford, MA.

    • Hello Chris, I am Patricia Thayer Muno, Family Historian for the Thayer Families Association and the author of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. Arba Thayer was born 1773 in Mendon, Worcester, MA, the fifth of 12 children born to Ichabod Thayer and Mary Marsh. He married 1795 to Polly White. Arba died 1833 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, MA, and they had NO children. He did, however have a great many nieces and nephews, many of whom may appear in your photo. I have a “Thayer Museum” here in my home in North Ogden, Utah, and as curator, would be very delighted to be able to add the photo of which you speak to the collection of Thayer artifacts. Is there any chance you could remove the glass and then mail if I were to pay for your postage and handling costs? You may contact me directly at TriciaMuno@aol.com. Thank you sincerely for your kind message and offer to share. Patricia

  9. Hi. I believe that my 4th great grandfather was Nathan Thayer Sr. who was married to Sarah Rebecca Reed. I’m having trouble verifying that my direct descendent Alzina (or Mary Alzina) Thayer who married Henry Melvin on 22 Dec 1825 in Brooke County West Virginia is indeed one of Nathan and Sarah’s children. The children I have are Anna, James, Philenia, Alzina, Nathan and Violetta.

    thank you,

    • Hi Sue – I have the strangest name amalgamation that I share a little with your ancestry. I too am a Thayer, from Syracuse NY (don’t know too much about my lineage) BUT my middle name is Alzina, after my great grandmother. This isn’t a name you too often hear. The Alzina I am named after is NOT a Thayer. She was my grandmother’s mother (last name Kinnetz, maiden name Hitchings) and Thayer comes from my paternal side.

    • Hi Sue Tandy, I am Patricia Thayer Muno, Family Historian for the Thayer Families Association and the author of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. My information agrees with yours in that Alzina is the daughter of Nathan Thayer and Sarah Rebecca Reed. Patricia

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