This is part one of a three-part article on the ongoing effort to find male descendants of Thomas, Richard and William Thayer/Tayer. They were three brothers from Thornbury, England, who are the immigrant ancestors for the majority of Thayers/Tayers in America. We are looking for their male descendants to encourage them to join the Thayer Y-DNA project. Currently, the Thayer Y-DNA Project has test results from many descendants of all three brothers, but several existing lines are not tested. In addition, more testing is needed on lines where testing has been done. Both efforts are important if we are ever going to use Y-DNA test results be able to help identify Thayers/Tayers who lack complete paper genealogic trails. With results from more lines that produced male heirs, we may be able to identify unknown Thayers.

In all the articles, numbers follow some names. These numbers indicate generations, with the immigrant being number ONE (1). The following numbers (2, 3, 4, etc.) indicate the number of the generations descending down from the immigrant. The dates in parenthesis after a name are birth years. 

Part one will focus on descendants of Thomas (1596), part two will focus on Richard (1601), and part three will focus on William (1605).

Thomas’s (1) son Thomas (2) had two sons who produced male heirs. We have Y-DNA results from one line and are looking for male descendants from the line in number 1 below. Thomas’s (1) son Ferdinando (2) had seven sons who produced male heirs. We have Y-DNA results from six of the seven sons and are looking for male descendants from line number 2 below. More testing is needed on all Ferdinando lines. Thomas’s (1) son Shadrach (2) had three sons. We have Y-DNA results from the Shadrach (2), Ephraim (3) line, but might benefit from more testing as in line number 3 below. The Shadrach (2), Samuel (3) (1667) line ended with no further descendants. We are looking for male descendants from Shadrach’s (2) son William (3) as in line numbers 4, 5, and 6 below. 

We need your help to find people willing to be Y-DNA tested in the following lines:

1. Thomas, Thomas, Ebenezer (1665), Ebenezer (1692), Ebenezer (1721), Ebenezer (1746), Ebenezer Francis (1784)

2. Thomas, Ferdinando, Samuel, Benjamin (1709), Samuel (1734), William Turpin (1771), William Turpin (1779), Guillermo Thayer-Garreton (1830), Carlo Victor Luis Thayer-Ojeda (1874), William Turpin Thayer-Arteaga (1917). This line is in Chile.

3. Thomas, Shadrach, Ephraim (1669), James (1712), William (1759), William (1783), William Bainbridge (1814).

4. Thomas, Shadrach, William (1675), Jonathan (1703), Jonathan (1734), Jonathan (1809), Edward Jonathan (1831).

5. Thomas, Shadrach, William (1675), William (1705), Zephanianh (1736), Jerijah (1762), Vinal (1792).

6. Thomas, Shadrach, William (1675), Oliver (1707), Oliver (1747), Jonathan (1779), Stephen (1798).

If you or know someone interested in joining the Thayer Y-DNA Project, go to the Thayer Family DNA project and click on the Join link at the top right of the page and fill in the requested information. I will respond to your request and you will be sent a link with information on how to purchase a test kit. Links at the top left of the website provide information and will answer many of your questions. The Y-DNA111 test is recommended for people joining the Thayer DNA Project as it provides the largest test data. The cost for the Y-DNA 111 test is $249 and the Y-DNA 37 test is $119. The Big Y-700 test is $449.00 is the most detailed test. A few members have upgraded to Big Y.


Y-DNA tests the paternal line only. Y-DNA mutates very slowly, so your Y chromosome looks nearly identical to your father's Y-DNA. Your Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) can trace your father, his father, his father’s father, and so forth. It offers a clear path from you to a known, or likely, direct paternal ancestor. 


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