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Thomas Thayer, First 4 Generations — 3 Comments

  1. Patricia, If I failed to thank you I apologize. The information you provided was of great help to me. With regards, Bob

  2. Dear Robert Wood, Thank you for contacting me regarding the correct parentage for Lucy Thayer.

    In studying what you have listed above, I do find some errors and some differences in information. Here is Lucy Thayer correct lineage to the immigrant Ancestor, Thomas Thayer, who was born 1596 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England; Immigrated to America in 1637 and settled in Braintree, Norfolk, MA where he died in 1665:

    Lucy 4 ( Jonathan 6, Cornelius 5, Jonathan 4, Josiah 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1) THAYER and Martha SMITH.

    There are three more generations of Lucy Thayer’s ancestors back in England, to the year 1500! I have sent some additional information to you in a private E-mail message. I hope this is helpful to you, Sincerely, Patricia

  3. Hello Patricia, I’m writing today in hopes you can verify for me beyond the Thomas Thayer, (First 4 Generations). In the 4th generation I have Josiah Thayer (b.1669;d.1728) m. Elizabeth Sampson. (b.1701;m.1722;d.1762). They had a son, Cornelius (b.12/14/1723;d.10/23/1790) m. Abigail Jones (b.3/28/1731;m.12/24/1773;d.bef. 1773). They had a son, Jonathan (b.4/7/1753;d.2/2/1827) m.Martha Smith (10/17/1759;m.9/30/1778;d.2/12/1827). They had a daughter, Lucy (b.6/5/180;/11/17/1839 Medina, Ohio) m. John Hewes (Hughes) (b.5/28/1798;m.1823;d.7/17/1872).

    Again, I’m hoping you can verify this information as being correct.

    Thank you for your time and any help provided.