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Use of the Thayer Coat of Arms — 5 Comments

  1. Hello my maiden name is Thayer, I have done my history and I show I do have the family blood line. just as Carlos Thayer posted http://whs.steamkite.com/node/1104
    Although I have tried to upload my info for you it will not allow me too.
    Marie Thayer BonEwell

  2. a wonderful piece to read. What a person you are. Gary Arthur Thayer 15/12/1952 of James Earl

    • Thank you so much Carlos because of you I found my family tree, Thomas Thayer born Aug 16, 1596 – June 2, 1665 Thornbury Gloucestershire, England. Son of Richard and Ursula Thayer, which is my 7th great grandpa brother. Thank you for the newspaper article.